Nan Van Den Bergh, PhD, LCSW
Clinical Professor

Office: GL 479
Tel: (305) 348-5522
Email: vandenan@fiu.edu

Dr. Van Den Bergh’s social work career has spanned 40 years, 30 of which have been within social work education. She has engaged in all areas of social work including clinical social work, community organizing, program development, administration, research and education. Her direct services’ work has been with inpatient and outpatient mental health, occupational social work as well as private practice. She maintained a longstanding connection to employee assistance programs as an administrator and provider. Community organizing efforts have included a wide range of areas including advocacy for low income ethnic minorities, sexual assault victims, farmers, domestic partnerships, and workplace equity for LGBT employees, breast cancer awareness and the provision of culturally relevant health care for women who partner with women.  Most recently Dr. Van Den Bergh founded the only nonprofit organization within Florida explicitly focused on guaranteeing access to quality health care for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered females:  ARROW Inc.

Dr. Van Den Bergh has received numerous awards for her contributions to the social work profession and as an educator:
·           Outstanding Alumna in Education: School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh (1997)
·           Teaching Excellence Award: Florida International University (2006)
·           Outstanding Faculty Member:  Golden Key International Student Society (2007)
·           Social Worker of the Year: Florida Society of Social Work Leaders in Health Care,2008
·           Social Worker of the Year: Miami Dade Unit, National Association of Social Workers, 2011
·           Social Worker of the Year: Florida Chapter, National Association of Social Workers, 2011

SOW 6425:       Clinical Assessment and Intervention Planning in Social Work Practice
SOW 4332:       Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations
SOW 3801:        Self Awareness for the Helping Professions
SOW 3350:        Techniques of Interviewing
SOW 3313:        Practice with Individuals and Families

 Dr. Van Den Bergh has authored dozens of publications and has delivered over 80 conference presentations on a diversity of topics including:  a) feminist social work, b) employee assistance programs, c) substance abuse, c) mutual aid and peer support groups, d) culturally sensitive services for LGBT clients, e) spirituality within the LGBT community and f) provision of culturally competent health care to women partnering with women.

She edited two of the most widely utilized texts on feminist social work practice published by NASW Press: Feminist Visions for Social Work (1986) and Feminist Practice in the 21st. Century (1996).

Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, organizing, taking a stand, advocating, spirituality, “righting wrongs,” eliminating disparities

“Failure is Impossible”   Susan B. Anthony