Wasim Maziak, MD, PhD
Chair and Professor


Office: AHC5 489
Tel: 305-348-4501
Email: wmaziak.fiu.edu

MD (1984), Aleppo School of Medicine, Aleppo, Syria.
PhD (Allergy Immunology, 1990), Kiev Medical Institute, Kiev, former USSR.      
HH Humphrey Fellow (specialized training in Public Health, 1995), Emory University, Atlanta.       
Karim Rida Said post-doc Fellow (Respiratory Research, 1996), National Heart & Lung Institute, UK.
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (Epidemiology, 2000-02), Inst. Epidemiology-Soc Medicine, Germany.

Research Areas
Tobacco control.
Waterpipe (hookah) smoking.
Cardiovascular risk factors.

Selected Publications
-Maziak W, Nakkash R, Bahelah R, Husseini A, Fanous N, Eissenberg T. Tobacco in the Arab world: old and new epidemics amidst policy paralysis. Health Policy Plan. 2013 Aug 19

-Maziak W.  The waterpipe: an emerging global risk for cancer. Cancer Epidemiol. 2013 Feb;37(1):1-4.

-Ward KD, Asfar T, Al Ali R, Rastam S, Vander Weg MW, Eissenberg T, Maziak W. Randomized trial of the effectiveness of combined behavioral/pharmacological smoking cessation treatment in Syrian primary care clinics. Addiction 2012.

-Maziak W. The global epidemic of waterpipe smoking. Addictive Behaviors 2011; 36(1-2):1-5.

-Maziak W, Ward KD. From Health as a Rational Choice to Health as and Affordable Choice. Am J Public Health 2009;99(12):2134-9. 

-Maziak W. The Triumph of the null hypothesis: epidemiology in an age of change. Intern J Epidemiol 2009: 38(2):393-402.

-Maziak W. The crisis of health in a crisis-ridden region. Intern J Public Health 2009; 54(5):349-55.

-Maziak W, Ward KD, Stockton MB. Childhood obesity: are we missing the big picture? Obesity Reviews 2008; 9:35-42.

-Maziak W. Health in the Middle East [Editorial]. British Medical Journal 2006; 333: 815-16.

-Maziak W. Science in the Arab world: vision of glories beyond. Science 2005;308(5727):1416-8.

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